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Who We Are


Our Mission

Our goal is to end the suffering, abuse and exploitation of non-human animals through information, education, and political advocacy. We week to abolish the use and exploitation of animals for human interests. We believe that all animals are entitled to pursue their lives free of human inflicted violence and suffering.

We value ethical and intellectual courage in our campaigns and causes. Independence, honesty and perseverance are all elements within this committment. Our words and actions are consistent with our stated values and we demonstate our integrity by the commitments we make.

We are committed to focus projects on sustainable change: We focus on the committed, steady long-term work that will bring about real and lasting change for animals. We recognize and welcome the wide diversity of our members and supporters. We accept people at all stages in their journey towards a compassionate life, recognizing that awareness is an on-going process.

We reach out to other organizations seeking to end oppression in any form, such as racism, sexism, and xenophobia and will not tolerate these behaviours within our organization. We care for and respect each other and ourselves. An openness to that which may be different, a commitment to pluralism, and a strong sense of justice are important to our sense of community. We follow a consensus model of decision-making and value the opinions of our members.

Who We Are

Our History

The Party for Animal Welfare was born out of the passion of like-minded individuals who were horrified by the various acts of cruelty occuring in the country at the time. We officially began in February 2019, and since then we have only grown. We have organized a number of meetings and protests across the island in relation to Hare Coursing, Greyhound Racing and other abusive practices towards animals.

Our Team

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Darren Furlong

Megan Shaw

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Rosie Jackson

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Gearoid O'Dowd

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Deirde Maguire

Deedee Gilboy

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Del O'Mahoney

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Jackie Hickey

Adam Brady

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Patrice Nugent

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Laura Bortolaso

A women holding two chickens

Erin McIntyre

Gerben Uunk

Trish Burns

Caroline Hurley